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Preparing Students with Special Needs for Lifelong Learning
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Our programs and workshops are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks all of which are designed to prepare students to work productively with a team, independently problem solve, learn etiquette and social engagement, develop creative skills, and generally prepare them for a lifelong learning. We serve as a Therapeutic Day School for ages 6 to 11 and provide an after-school and job training program for youths ranging from 15 years -24 years of age. We aim to help students be better prepared to take the MCAS and other standardized tests as well as become prepared for countless future endeavors. As we connect life to learning, we also provide hands-on projects such as entrepreneurial ventures so students can earn income or gain experience with it. Here are some other training programs we provide at Your Educational Success:

Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM)

We teach the four specific disciplines of STEM in a very fun, engaging, and practical way, which corresponds to the level of individual students. Through these courses, students learn independent thinking, problem solving, initiative, digital literacy, teamwork, creativity, communication, and critical analysis.

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Music Production Workshop

There are so many benefits to listening to music; more so with making music as it mostly taps multiple skillsets at one time. The art of expression, through music, can help students to read and write. During the formidable years, students who receive instruction through music tend to have a better understanding of language, communication, and gain spatial-temporal skills, as well as a stimulated brain about working harder.

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Art Workshop

Through art, students explore math and reading in fun ways. Students are able to paint, sculpt, and create poetry in meaningful ways. As students grow in our program, students are taught at various levels from novice to experience. Art also helps students engage in socializing with their peers in creative ways.

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During this class, children are taught how to apply math concepts and learn how Science is directly involved in preparing meals. By design, students learn the fundamentals to help them make healthy food choices and prepare meals rather than rely on prepackaged foods with questionable nutritional values.

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Physical Fitness

Here, we make sure that students develop holistically as we believe that physical fitness correlates to being mentally and emotionally healthy, too. We offer dance classes, Martial Arts lessons, and more.

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Language and Visual Arts

The study of language arts includes grammar, writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary expansion, and more while visual arts can range from pictorial, graphic, or sculptural lessons.

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Individual Psychotherapy

This is the most common form of therapy where students are treated on a one-on-one basis by the therapist encompassing various treatment styles such as psychoanalysis and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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Behavioral Modification

We aim to help children by providing them with engaging class lessons, mentors, therapeutic support and personalized instruction. Our approach helps students to learn positive behaviors so that they will thrive for a lifetime.

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